Saturday, August 20, 2011

1st post - blogz are such a bullshitz

Art is such a bullshitz.

I've been drawing since I was negative 50, and what I've learnt from it all is that it's bullshit.  Okay- drawing is not bullshit, and art- per se- is not bullshit.  But the world that such things have to be created within, turn the beauty and awesome freedom that is art, into some form of bullshit.  How many childhood-artist-dreams were ruined by actually attaining the dream?


Like 900% of them!!!!!

Every passionately-doodling kid always thinks it'd be so badass to do art for a living, but then when they get a full-time art job, it's usually so draining and full of bullshit that all anyone can think of is bullshit inside of more bullshit.

Fucking retarded.

But anyway... despite bullshit contexts within which I've had to produce art to be able to eat food that's not made of newspaper and asphalt rocks, I still love art.  I mean- I really, really love "art".  Concept, execution, balance, emotion-- fuckin' whole buncha artsy-fartsy asshole bullshit-- but the essence of it all is brilliant and ever so loverly.


So I art- day in and day out- cuz I'm fucking retarded.  Art is such a bullshitz.  This world is such a bullshitz (but Earth is so beautiful, yo).  So if I'm gonna choose a bullshitz to do in ze bullshitz, it might as well be moving my body parts to imprint some shit on a papers, or snapping photos, or making art shit in the virtual computer world for some fucking reason, etc.- resulting in me laughing for like 5 seconds or maybe like a minute or maybe like WHOAing for like fai minute.  --"Shit on a papers"-- HA!  Fuck.  Fuck this.  I'm so thirsty, what the fuck.

Even in the most bullshitz of contexts, enlightenment can be had.  ...So somehow there is hope for da Earfz.  I drew the above in Canadia Land. ... . .  Canadia was like Amairkah and Europa combined, then covered in chemtrails:

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