Sunday, August 21, 2011

fucking UFOs everywhere

Dude-- it's like 3:30 AM, and the dogs outside have been barking for hours.  I thought nothing of it, because these dogs are generally barking.  But then I was like, "What the fuck..." .. .. I walked barefoot outside to see what was going on.....  It turns out there are like 70 UFOs flying all over the place and shooting lasers into the ground-


Joshua Tree, California... in the middle of the fucking desert, 70 UFOs-- lasers.  It's fucking dope and also scary as shit, cuz I think there are also ghosts hiding behind empty oil drums.  I dunno why the fuck ghosts need to hide from UFOs.  But then again, there are SEVENTY UFOs FLYING ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE.

OH FUCK!!!!!

If only Rodrigo, Angel Of Action were here:

...Just because some being has wings and a halo, does not make them an angel or holy or even cool.  It just means that they have avian parts and light coming from their head.  But Rodrigo doesn't take-

FUCKING DOGS BARKING AGAIN- oooh, whaaaaat.. . ...

Anyway, Rodrigo doesn't take shit from UFOs, oil-drum-hiding ghosts, or marathon-barking dogs.  He decapitates everything.  He decapitates UFOs.  He decapitates lasers.  He decapitates barks.  He decapitates penises.

To Rodrigo: Please shut these dogs up.  ...They are disturbing the UFOs.
p.s. I lost 72 hours between those last two sentences, which probably means I was abducted by greys.  ...The grey below has been my friend since 1998:

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